Sunday, October 23, 2005


From the web site of Diogenes LLC, a full service investigative agency named after the ultimate skeptic, Diogenes. Their motto: “Truth is knowledge, only verified”.
"A man does not look behind the door unless he has stood there himself."
"If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck... it is a bird of some sort."
Benedict Arnold was always the first one to rise when George Washington walked into the room.
"When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth."
"Singularity is almost invariably a clue. The more featureless and commonplace a crime is, the more difficult it is to bring it home."
"I have become convinced there is no one truth, nor two; there are often several truths."
"In the war between falsehood and truth, falsehood often wins the first battle, but truth wins the last."
Their web site has an excellent Investigative Resources page. Check it out, and bookmark it; you’ll probably find yourself referring to it often.

Tele-Track: Tele-Track is otherwise referred to as the “Fourth Credit Bureau”. It’s a great source for locating hard to find low income and transient persons. TeleTrack collects information from what are referred to as “Sub-Prime” businesses such as rent-to-own furniture stores, check cashing facilities, used car dealers, secured credit card issuers, cable TV companies and others. To find out more, check out their site at:

Did you know that you can type a VIN into GOOGLE and it will link you to information on the year, make and model of the VIN? Likewise, this same type of search can be performed with several other number sets including UPS/Fed EX tracking numbers, UPC codes, telephone area codes, patent numbers, FAA tail numbers and FCC equipment IDs. For more details go to and click the What's new at Google? link and then scroll down to search by numbers.

If you want to check out the live camera feed of Times Square, go to:EarthCam- Times Square

Here are some sites that are very useful in helping to locate people.

PeopleSpot: A portal dedicated to helping you find people. There is a huge reference list of sources, aids, and resources you can use from this new portal.

SkipEase: A massive link list providing links to dozens of search sites that are very useful in locating missing persons.

Skip Tracer Tool Box: Another very well done and extensive links page.

Telephone Directories on the Web: This site links you to over 350 telephone directories, yellow pages, business directories and email directories in over 150 different countries.


Insurance companies maintain a Special Investigations Unit to conduct specialized fraud investigations. Usually staffed by retired detectives, the Special Investigations Unit’s are probably a good starting point for the detective seeking investigative assistance. When contacting an insurance company, ask to speak to someone in their Special Investigations Unit. For more information you can check out the web site for the:International Association of Special Investigations Units 410-931-8100

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Identity Theft Protection

There is a website available to assist with Identity Theft:

Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), the Consumer Credit Reporting Companies, are permitted to include your name on lists used by creditors or insurers to make firm offers of credit or insurance. The FCRA also provides you the right to "Opt-Out", which prevents Consumer Credit Reporting Companies from providing your credit file information for firm offers of credit or insurance that are not initiated by you.
Through this website, you may request to:
Opt-Out from receiving firm offers for 5 years
Opt-Out from receiving firm offers permanently
Opt-In and begin receiving firm offers. This option is for consumers who have previously completed a request to Opt-Out.
If you choose to Opt-Out, you will no longer be included in firm offer lists provided by these four consumer credit reporting companies. If you are not receiving firm offers because you have previously completed a request to Opt-Out, you can request to Opt-In. In doing so, you will soon be among the many consumers who can significantly benefit from having ready access to product information on credit and insurance products that may not be available to the general public.

Taking part in this program (if you "opt out") will remove the opportunity that thieves will have to grab your mail with those "free Offers" of credit cards we all get (most of us...) Once in the hands of the bad guys, they can apply for and receive the offered credit card. Billing can then be re-directed and you may not know for months you have been a victim. is a centralized service to accept and process requests from consumers to "Opt-In" or “Opt-Out” of firm offers of credit or insurance. is a joint venture among Equifax Information Services, LLC, Experian Information Solutions, Inc., Innovis Data Solutions, Inc., and TransUnion, LLC (collectively the "Consumer Credit Reporting Companies"). is the only internet website authorized by Equifax, Experian, Innovis and TransUnion for this purpose under the FCRA. Please note that, as a security precaution, consumers should never provide their personal information to any other company or person in connection with requesting Opt-In or Opt-Out services. will not contact consumers via email, telemarketing or direct mail solicitations.

Friday, October 14, 2005


A more “intense” google-search system. Try it out!


A device has recently been developed that reads SIM cards from mobile phones.
The new program can recall all deleted messages in the card. As long as there is memory available, the program will show what is in the card. The information can be copied to a spreadsheet for future reports and analysis.
Some police agencies have already started using the device, which originated in Europe.
Sound interesting? You can check the company’s web site at:
Or you can e-mail them direct at:

Sunday, October 02, 2005


Sick Trinkets

There is a growing community of collectors seeking items now known as “murderabilia.” Paintings by serial killers and other garbage are being scarfed up on the internet as soon as the stuff is posted. It’s hard to imagine spending one’s extra cash on crap that used belong to the “Unabomber,” Ted Kaczynski, but people are lining up on E-bay to buy everything that the whack-job used to own. Among the items for sale are Ted’s smelly sneakers, his infamous typewriter, and his copy of Strunk & White’s “Elements of Style.”


In Detroit, the graduates of a recent police academy class are going back to school after 26 recruits made a rather large error when Detroit Police Chief Ella Bully-Cummings visited them. What was their mistake? They forgot to salute the boss as is called for in departmental procedures. The recruits will now have an extra week of classes to brush up on their technique.


The last thing you want to do if you’re operating a mobile meth lab out of your car is fall asleep in the vehicle. But if you do decide you need some rest, do not park the drug lab in front of the county jail. Otherwise it might get written up in American Police Beat. In Waterloo, Iowa, drug manufacturer and total idiot Kirk Alan Marvel, 42, was busted in his mobile meth lab when officers noticed that he was not responding to series of green lights at an intersection. They woke Mr. Marvel up, arrested him, and took him across the street for booking.


China has surpassed both the U.S.A. and Europe in terms of total beer consumption world-wide. Chinese people now account for one out of every five beers consumed on earth.

(reprinted from APB)

Saturday, October 01, 2005

A Call To Arms

“Our brother and sister police officers in New Orleans are currently carrying a double burden: the job of trying to maintain law and order in a devastated major American city, all the while trying to cope with their own pain and loss – of their homes, families, friends, and their town. This is the worst imaginable scenario police officers can face. There may be many organizations that claim to assist the police, but if you donate, you should do so with confidence. The Police Association of New Orleans, the organization representing New Orleans’ police force , is working with NAPO’s Relief Fund to ensure that your donations will go directly to their members in need.” The National Association of Police Organizations is a Washington, DC based coalition of police unions and associations from across the United States. NAPO serves to advance the interests of America’s law enforcement officers through legislative and legal advocacy, political action and education. Both the NYC Detectives’ Endowment Association (DEA) and the Police Association of New Orleans (PANO) were founding members of NAPO when the organization first formed in 1978. Donations can be made by check or credit card. Donation forms can be downloaded from or donations can be sent directly to the NAPO Relief Fund, c/o NAPO, 750 First Street, NE, Suite 920, Washington, DC 20002-4241. Phone: 202-842-4420 Fax: 202-842-4396

(reprinted from NY COP Online Magazine)